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   An acronym of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A surgical tool that creates intense heat and power when focused at close range, destroying cells by vaporizing them.


"Making multiple copies of a gene or of any sequence of DNA. Repeated copying of a piece of DNA. In amplification there is an increase in the number of copies of any particular piece of DNA. Gene amplification plays a role in cancer cells. A tumor cell amplifies, or copies, DNA segments as a result of cell signals and sometimes environmental events. Amplification can occur in vivo (in the living individual) or in vitro (literally ""in glass"", or in a plastic vessel in the laboratory). "

The form of energy and the sensation of an increase in temperature. Its interest in medicine is largely with reference to its physiological effects, its therapeutic use, and its use in procedures in physics and physical chemistry.


Lasegue sign
Pain in the back of the leg on flexing a patient's hip and knee and then extending the knee while the hip is flexed. Results from dural irritation, usually by a prolapsed disc.

Laser Center
The Laser Center is a hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States.

Laser Treatment
Using a special strong beam of light of one color (laser) to heal a damaged area. A person with diabetes might be treated with a laser beam to heal blood vessels in the eye.

Recently high intensity light (lasers) has been developed for use in the dental field. Dental lasers allow for an easier and cleaner way to cut soft tissue and recently have been improved to enable the dentist to cut hard tissue (enamel) as well. The lasers used in dentistry come in three different variations. The greatest difference is in the laser beam and the depth of cut and temperature at the surface of the cut being made by the laser. The two most common types of soft tissue lasers are the CO2 laser and the YAG laser. The CO2 cuts more on the surface and does not raise the temperature very high on the surface to be treated which allows the tissue a better response to healing. The YAG laser will cut deeper and at a higher temperature so it can overheat some of the underlying structures below the tissue surface. The third type of laser is the newly developed laser for cutting hard tissue (enamel) called the erbium laser. An attribute of the erbium laser is that it does not overheat the tooth so that the tooth pulp (nerve) will not die. The erbium laser is currently being utilized in a small number of dental practices in the United States but may be more generally available in the near future.


Lymph node
Any of many small, compact structures lying in groups along the course of the lymphatic vessels and producing lymphocytes.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Lymphatic system
The vessels and structures involved in carrying lymph from the tissues to the blood.

Swelling of tissue because of the buildup of too much lymph fluid.

Laparoscopic surgery


In the area of the tumor; confined to one specific area.

Relating to the lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum.

Any disease process affecting a lymph node or lymph nodes.

A reduction, relative or absolute, in the number of lymphocytes in the circulating blood.

Latency period
The period between exposure to a disease-causing agent and the onset or appearance of disease symptoms. The latency period for asbestos-related diseases ranges from 15 years for asbestosis to 30 years or more for lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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