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   "Discharge of tears. ""Watering"" eyes."


Lacrimal gland
The tear gland located under the upper eyelid at the outer corner of the eye. The fluid it secretes cleans and provides moisture for the cornea. It is responsible for tearing during emotional stimulation or following corneal irritation by a foreign body or chemical.

Lacrimal sac
The tear sac located on the side of the nose adjacent to the inner corner of the eye. Tears normally drain from the eye into the tear duct and then through the sac, finally leaving by a drain which enters the nose. The tear sac remains filled with tears when an infant has a blocked tear duct. An infection of the tear sac is called a dacryocystitis.

Lacrisert is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) approved in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): hydroxypropyl cellulose.


Loosening of associations
A disturbance of thinking shown by speech in which ideas shift from one subject to another that is unrelated or minimally related to the first. Statements that lack a meaningful relationship may be juxtaposed, or speech may shift suddenly from one frame of reference to another. The speaker gives no indication of being aware of the disconnectedness, contradictions, or illogicality of speech.

Laproscopic surgery
A technique of using a fiber-optic scope and minute instruments to perform surgery with the smallest incision and least damage possible.

A device used by ACLS personnel to look down the throat to insert an endotracheal tube.

The system of interconnecting canals and cavities in the inner ear. Plays an important role in hearing and in balance.

A wound caused by a cut from a sharp instrument or the tearing of body tissue.


Inflammation of the larynx, resulting in a temporary loss of voice.

Toward the side, sideways.

Legg-Calv?-Perthes disease
A disease in which the blood supply to the femur is reduced, causing the bone to collapse.

"A lack of energy; sluggishness, dullness or apathy."

White blood cells, the blood cells responsible for fighting infection.

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