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  L cones

L cones

    Long wavelength sensitive cones (red). Are most sensitive to a wavelength of approximately 558nm. (See also M Cones and S Cones).



Linea nigra
The darkening of the linea alba, the hard-to-see white line that runs downthe center of the abdomen to the top of the pubic bone, during pregnancy. Pigmentation changes usually fade after delivery.

Liver problems
The organ responsible for producing key proteins and other chemicals which regulate the chemistry of the blood. Potential liver problems range from hepatitis to jaundice.

Vaginal discharge made up of mucus, blood, and tissue that continues after delivery for up to six weeks. Usually bright red and as heavy or heavier than a period in the first few days after birth, then gradually tapering off.

Low birth weight
When a full-term infant weighs less than 5.5 pounds at birth. Nearly seven of every 100 newborns are low birthweight babies; most of these cases are linked to cigarette, alcohol, or drug use during pregnancy and can be prevented.

Lumbar puncture
A procedure in which spinal fluid is drawn from the spinal column to check for diseases, including meningitis.

L cones

Lateral geniculate nucleus
Structure located in the thalamus which is a major recipient of axons from the retina. About 10% of its input is from the retina. It is composed of 6 layers. While input to the LGN from the two eyes is segregated, significant binocular influence can be exerted on the LGN by the cortex.

Left visual hemifield
The left half of the visual field, projects on the nasal hemiretina of the left eye and on the temporal hemiretina of he right eye.

The perception of reflectance. Related to the perception of an object's surface.

The distribution of how the image of a very thin line is blurred on the retina (due to diffraction). Depends on pupil size.

See Lateral Geniculate Nucleus.

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