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  K cell

K cell

    An effector lymphocyte with Fc receptors which allow it to bind to and kill antibody-coated target cells.


White blood cell. Lymphocytes have a number of roles in the immune system, including antibody production, attacking and destroying cancer cells, and producing substances that kill cancer cells.

Areas on the outer part of a cell that allow the cell to join or bind with insulin that is in the blood.



Koate DVI
Koate-DVI A plasma derived product for the treatment of classic hemophilia (hemophilia A). A product made by Bayer.

Bayer's first recombinantly engineered drug for the treatment of hemophilia.

An inflammation of the cornea often caused by a virus or bacteria. Scarring and loss of vision may result.

An inherited disease where the cornea becomes progressively shaped like a cone. Wearing a contact lens may slow the progression of the disease. Corneal transplant surgery may be required.

A corneal transplant.

K cell

Killer T cell
A T cell with a particular immune specificity and an endogenously produced receptor for antigen, capable of specifically killing its target cell after attachment to the target cell by this receptor. Also called cytotoxic T cell.

Kallmann's syndrome
A condition characterized by pubertal failure, inactive testicles (or ovaries), failure of the pituitary gland to secrete gonadotropic hormones, and failure of the hypothalamus to stimulate the pituitary gland, in association with absence of the sense of smell secondary to defective olfactory function in the brain.

A ridge or lump of progressively enlarging scar tissue due to the accumulation of excessive amounts of collagen during the healing of a wound. The possibility of keloid formation is positively correlated with skin pigmentation.

Body movement and activity.

Sexuoerotic gratification produced by stealing [from Greek, kleptein, to steal + lagneia, lust].

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