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  Jersey doctor

Jersey doctor

   A doctor who, being or not a citizen of that country, has been admitted to practice medicine in Jersey.


1. One whose occupation is to treat diseases, particularly a physician, dentist, or veterinarian with an appropriate license. 2. A teacher (particularly at a college or university), a scholar, or one who holds a postgraduate degree (especially a Ph.D. degree). 3. A shaman.


Jersey City doctors
All doctors near Jersey City, the United States of America. Doctors who can assist a patient in Jersey City.

Jersey Shore Hospital
The Jersey Shore Hospital is a hospital in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, United States.

Jersey Shore Medical Center
Jersey Shore Medical Center is a hospital in Neptune, New Jersey (USA).


Junctional complex
A heart rythm not being generated by the normal SA node of the heart, but rather down in the bundle of HIS or Purkinje fibers.

Of the neck or throat, as in jugular veins.

1. Doctor of Jurisprudence. 2. Juris Doctor.

Jet Injector
A device that uses high pressure to propel insulin through the skin and into the body. When used properly, injections are painless. However, the devices are more complicated to use than a syringe and often require cleaning.

Juvenile Onset Diabetes
Former term for insulin-dependent or type 1 diabetes.

Jersey doctor

Japanese doctor
A doctor who, being or not a citizen of that country, has been admitted to practice medicine in Japan.

Jamaican doctor
A doctor who, being or not a citizen of that country, has been admitted to practice medicine in Jamaica.

Jordanian doctor
A doctor who, being or not a citizen of that country, has been admitted to practice medicine in Jordan.

Jaboatao doctors
All doctors near Jaboatao, Brazil. Doctors who can assist a patient in Jaboatao.

Jacarei doctors
All doctors near Jacarei, Brazil. Doctors who can assist a patient in Jacarei.

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