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  J chain

J chain

    A polypeptide involved in the polymerization of immunoglobulin molecules IgM and IgA.


A serum protein involved in immunity. An antibody.

Represents 15-20% of the human serum immunoglobulins, mostly as the 4-chain polymer in humans or dimer in other mammals. Secretory IgA (IMMUNOGLOBULIN A, SECRETORY) is the main immunoglobulin in secretions.



Jock itch
An infection of the skin caused by fungi that results in itchy, red, moist, well-marked patches in the groin area.

Joubert Syndrome
Joubert Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the area of the brain that controls balance and coordination. This disorder is characterized by absence or underdevelopment of a part of the brain named cerebellar vermis and a malformed brain stem. Features of this condition: ataxia -lack of muscle control-, an abnormal breathing pattern called hypernea, sleep apnea, abnormal eye and tongue movements, and hypotonia. Other malformations like extra fingers and toes, cleft lip or palate, tongue abnormalities, and seizures may also occur. Retardation may be mild or moderate.

Crown for a front tooth, usually made of porcelain.

Jaccoud's arthropathy
A non-destructive deforming arthropathy first described in relation to rheumatic fever. Now more commonly seen in relation to SLE.

Juvenile chronic arthritis - in individuals 16 years or less in age. Must have been present for at least 3 months.

J chain

Joining chain
A polypeptide involved in the polymerization of immunoglobulin molecules IgM and IgA.

J gene
A gene segment coding for the J or joining segment in immunoglobulin DNA; V genes translocate to J segments in L chains, and to D and J segments in H chains. Also, codes for a portion of the T-cell receptor.

The paraphilia of impersonating a juvenile and being treated as one by the partner - one of the stigmatic/eligibilic paraphilias

The middle section of the small intestine between the duodenum and ileum.

Where the ends of two or more bones meet.

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