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    This is the technique of inserting an endotracheal tube. It is performed by ACLS personnel.


See Advanced Cardiac Life Support.


Telescoping a section of the intestine into an adjoining section.


Preoccupation with oneself and accompanying reduction of interest in the outside world. Contrast to extraversion.

A defense mechanism operating unconsciously central to obsessive-compulsive phenomena in which the affect is detached from an idea and rendered unconscious, leaving the conscious idea colorless and emotionally neutral.

Instrumental conditioning
A process by which the results of the person's behavior determine whether the behavior is more or less likely to occur in the future.

See Intramuscular.

The anatomical term for "below". i.e. the neck is inferior to the head. Typically used in humans only. See Cranial/Caudal/Superior.


Intra (within) muscular (muscle) techniques are ways to put medication into the body, by injecting it into a muscle. This is designed for drugs that need to be absorbed slowly. A classic example is a tetanus shot.

Invasive Techniques
Any set of techniques that penetrates the body or is done within a body cavity beyond the line of sight. Examples would be putting in an IV catheter or looking down a throat with an endoscope.

See Intravenous.

Induced abortion
An abortion that is brought about intentionally. Also called an artificial or therapeutic abortion. As opposed to a spontaneous abortion (a miscarriage).

An inherited skin disorder that produces dry, rough, scaly skin.

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