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  Inland Hospital

Inland Hospital

   Inland Hospital is a hospital in Waterville, Maine (USA).


Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.


Inland Valley Regional Medical Center
Inland Valley Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Wildomar, California (USA).

Indirect - filling made by a dental laboratory that is cemented or bonded into place, direct - placement of dental composite resin restoration at chairside.

Inlays and onlays are more permanent types of restorations similar in longevity to crowns. A more conservative tooth preparation is done which allows a tooth to maintain more of its original characteristics. A mold is made with a special plaster and from that model the inlay or onlay is custom made. Inlays and onlays can be fabricated from gold, porcelain or a composite resin. The inlay or onlay is then cemented or bonded into place to give the tooth superior support. An inlay differs from an onlay in that the onlay material covers one or more cusps of a tooth and generally is a better choice if the tooth has a fracture.


Illinois Valley Community Hospital
Illinois Valley Community Hospital is a hospital in Peru, Illinois (USA).

Ingalls Health System
Ingalls Health System is a hospital in Cook County, Illinois (USA).

Indiana University Medical Center
Indiana University Medical Center is a hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA).

Illini Hospital
Illini Hospital is a hospital in Silvis, Iowa (USA).

Iowa Health System
Iowa Health System is a hospital in Des Moines,Iowa (USA).

Inland Hospital

Ionia County Memorial Hospital
Ionia County Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Ionia, Michigan (USA).

Ingham Regional Medical Center
Ingham Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Lansing, Michigan (USA).

Ideal Senior Living Center
Ideal Senior Living Center is a hospital in Endicott, New York (USA).

Iredell Memorial Hospital
Iredell Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Statesville, North Carolina (USA).

INTEGRIS Health is a hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA).

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