Ibotenic Acid
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  Ibotenic acid

Ibotenic acid

    Substance used in lesion studies. Destroys cell bodies of neurons but leave axons in tact.


Injury of bodily tissue due to infection, trauma or neoplasm

Fundamental structural unit of all life. The cell consists primarily of an outer plasma membrane, which separates it from the environment; the genetic material (DNA), which encodes heritable information for the maintainance of life; and the cytoplasm, a heterogeneous assemblage of ions, molecules, and fluid.



Intraventricular hemorrhage
Bleeding into the ventricles or the brain, common in premature infants.

Medical tests that involve gaining entry into the body via a needle, tube, or hand.

A mineral in the body that works with protein to make hemoglobin, essential for the blood.

Irregular periods
Menstrual cycles that vary more than a few days in length from month to month are considered irregular. Most menstrual cycles are about four weeks long, with the normal range between 24 and 35 days.

Similar to an incubator.

Ibotenic acid

Iconic memory
Short-lived visual sensory memory which lasts about 500 msec. Disrupted by masking (i.e. by a bright light). Tied to anatomical coordinates.

Interocular motion display
A motion display in which the motion stimulus in each eye of the observer is ambiguous, yet perception of coherent motion is possible if the subject combines motion information from both the eyes.

Isomorphistic approach
Belief that perceptual variations in the visual filed must be accounted for by analogous variations of neural activity. Roughly speaking, the neural distribution should look like the percept.

Any process or filter which is not directionally selective or biased. (As opposed to anisotropic).

Intercalated zones
Areas of cells falling between the parvocellular and magnocellular layers.

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