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    Medicines that reduce the amount of acid the stomach produces by blocking histamine2, which signals the stomach to make acid.


The organ between the esophagus and the small intestine. The stomach is where digestion of protein begins.

A sudden obstruction or interruption in spontaneous flow of thinking or speaking, perceived as an absence or deprivation of thought.



Asphyxiophilia [from Latin, hypoxia, oxygen deprivation + -philia].

Surgical removal of the uterus or womb [from Greek, hystera, womb + ektome, excision].

The very rare condition in which a person is dependent on sadistic homicide of the partner, or the restaging of it in fantasy, in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate or achieve orgasm. Recorded cases are either heterosexual or homosexual, but not bisexual. The converse condition is the masochistic staging of one's own murder (autoassassinatophilia).

Health care
Care, services or supplies related to the health of an individual. Health care includes but is not limited to: preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, maintenance, or palliative care and counseling services, assessment, or procedure with respect to the physical or mental condition, or functional status of an individual, or that affects the structure or function of the body; and the sale or dispensing of a drug, device, equipment, or other item in accordance with a prescription.

Health insurance quote
A price quote for a health insurance as provided by the insurer to potential customers.


A permanent sideways bend in the middle toe joint.

Hay fever
See rhinitis

Primary - includes tension (muscular contraction), vascular (migraine), and cluster headaches not caused by other underlying medical conditions. Secondary - includes headaches that result from other medical conditions. These may also be referred to as traction headaches or inflammatory headaches.

Heart block
Interrupted electrical impulse to heart muscles.

Heart valve prolapse
A condition of the heart valve in which it is partially open when it should be closed.

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