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   The end-result or objective, which may be specified or required in advance.


The end-result or objective, which may be specified or required in advance.


Cell adhesion molecule and CD antigen that mediates the adhesion of neutrophils and monocytes to activated platelets and endothelial cells.

GO Phase
Phase of the cell cycle where cells exist in a quiescent state. These cells have unduplicated DNA, degraded RNA and protein, and low enzyme activity. The ability to switch between G0 and G1 (and vice versa) determines the post-embryonic cell proliferation rate and is defectively controlled in neoplastic cells.

Go 1261
An opioid analgesic used similarly to MORPHINE in the control of moderate to severe pain. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p1097)

Goat herpesvirus
A genus of the family HERPESVIRIDAE, subfamily ALPHAHERPESVIRINAE. Its species include those causing CHICKENPOX and HERPES ZOSTER in humans (HERPESVIRUS 3, HUMAN), as well as several animal viruses.

Any of numerous agile, hollow-horned ruminants of the genus Capra, closely related to the sheep.


Goblet Cell Carcinoid
A usually small, slow-growing neoplasm composed of islands of rounded, oxyphilic, or spindle-shaped cells of medium size, with moderately small vesicular nuclei, and covered by intact mucosa with a yellow cut surface. The tumor can occur anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract (and in the lungs and other sites); approximately 90% arise in the appendix. It is now established that these tumors are of neuroendocrine origin and derive from a primitive stem cell. (From Stedman, 25th ed & Holland et al., Cancer Medicine, 3d ed, p1182)

Goblet Cell
Cells of the epithelial lining that produce and secrete mucins.

Goatpox viruses
A genus of the family POXVIRIDAE, subfamily CHORDOPOXVIRINAE, comprising poxviruses infecting sheep, goats, and cattle. Transmission is usually mechanical by arthropods, but also includes contact, airborne routes, and non-living reservoirs (fomites).

Goiter, Substernal
An enlarged thyroid gland where the enlarged gland is situated beneath the sternum. (Dorland, 27th ed)

Goiter, Nodular
An enlarged thyroid gland containing circumscribed nodules within its substance. (Dorland, 27th ed)

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