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    An amino acid that is found in the central nervous system; acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter.


In anatomy and medicine (as elsewhere), central is the opposite of "peripheral" which means away from the center.



Gay sex
Sex intercourse between same sex partners.

Gay porn
In sexology, the category of pornographic material specifically addressed to the gay community.

Gay dating
In sexology, dating activity between same sex potential partners for sex intercourse.

Gay man
In sexology, street term for a male homosexual.

Kidney disease characterized by bilateral inflammatory changes in the glomeruli (tufts of capillary loops associated with the nephrons, the functional units of the kidney). The disorder is not caused by infection. It is considered an autoimmune disease.


Gamma camera
Basic instrument used to produce a nuclear medicine image.

The gamma knife is used in the treatment of lesions in the brain by a noninvasive surgical technique called stereotaxic radiosurgery. It is a safe, precise, bloodless procedure. The gamma knife uses 201 beams of highly focused gamma rays. The beams are precisely aimed so as to treat only the target (tumor, trigeminal nerve, etc.) with minimal risk to adjacent brain structures.

Gganglion cysts
Non-cancerous, fluid-filled cysts are common masses or lumps in the hand and usually found on the back of the wrist.

Gardner's syndrome
A condition in which many polyps form throughout the digestive tract. Because these polyps are likely to cause cancer, the colon and rectum are often removed to prevent colorectal cancer.

Air that comes from normal breakdown of food which is passed out of the body through the rectum (flatus) or the mouth (burp).

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