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  D and C

D and C

   Dilatation and curettage. A surgical procedure in which the uterine lining is removed by scraping.


The increase in size of a blood vessel.

Removal of diseased tissue from a periodintal pocket.



A two-person relationship, such as the therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient in individual psychotherapy.

Imperfect articulation of speech due to disturbances of muscular control or incoordination.

Perversion of the sense of taste.

Primary disorders of sleep or wakefulness characterized by insomnia or hypersomnia as the major presenting symptom. Dyssomnias are disorders of the amount, quality, or timing of sleep.

See Glucose.

D and C

Inflammation of the sac that collects tears for drainage from the eye.

Little scales or flakes of dead skin on the scalp. Also called seborrheic dermatitis.

Removal of foreign material or dead tissue.

Loss of calcium from the bones or teeth.

A skin ulcer or bedsore.

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