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   Cell adhesion molecule expressed on activated leukocytes, fibroblasts, and neurons. It is a ligand for CD6. ALCAM-CD6 interactions may play a role in the binding of T and B cells to activated leukocytes.


Fundamental structural unit of all life. The cell consists primarily of an outer plasma membrane, which separates it from the environment; the genetic material (DNA), which encodes heritable information for the maintainance of life; and the cytoplasm, a heterogeneous assemblage of ions, molecules, and fluid.

A band of scar tissue that joins normally separated internal body structures, most often after surgery, inflammation, or injury in the area.

White blood cells, the blood cells responsible for fighting infection.

Connective tissue cells which secrete an extracellular matrix rich in collagen and other macromolecules.



DMF Indexe
""Decayed, missing and filled teeth,"" a routinely used statistical concept in dentistry.

DMF Index
""Decayed, missing and filled teeth,"" a routinely used statistical concept in dentistry.

An insecticide. Methoxychlor has estrogenic effects in mammals, among other effects.

A synthetic phospholipid used in liposomes and lipid bilayers for the study of biological membranes.

7,12-Dimethylbenzanthracene. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon found in tobacco smoke that is a potent carcinogen.


A synthetic fluoroquinolone (FLUOROQUINOLONES) antibacterial agent that inhibits the supercoiling activity of bacterial DNA gyrase, halting DNA replication.

DL-Tyrosine, alpha-methyl-
An inhibitor of the enzyme TYROSINE 3-MONOOXYGENASE, and consequently of the synthesis of catecholamines. It is used to control the symptoms of excessive sympathetic stimulation in patients with PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA. (Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed)

DL-Serine 2-((2,3,4-trihydroxyphenyl)methyl))hydrazide
An inhibitor of DOPA DECARBOXYLASE that does not enter the central nervous system. It is often given with LEVODOPA in the treatment of parkinsonism to prevent the conversion of levodopa to dopamine in the periphery, thereby increasing the amount that reaches the central nervous system and reducing the required dose. It has no antiparkinson actions when given alone.

A synthetic progestational agent with actions similar to those of PROGESTERONE. This racemic or (+-)-form has about half the potency of the levo form (LEVONORGESTREL). Norgestrel is used as a contraceptive,ovulation inhibitor, and for the control of menstrual disorders and endometriosis.

DNA Binding Proteins
Proteins which bind to DNA. The family includes proteins which bind to both double- and single-stranded DNA and also includes specific DNA binding proteins in serum which can be used as markers for malignant diseases.

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