Cage, thoracic
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  Cage, thoracic

Cage, thoracic

   The structure formed by the thoracic vertebrae and ribs, the sternum (breastbone), and the costal cartilages (that attach the ribs to the sternum).


Pertaining to or affecting the chest.

The bones that make up the spine.

The breastbone.


Cage, rib
The structure formed by the thoracic vertebrae and ribs, the sternum (breastbone), and the costal cartilages (that attach the ribs to the sternum).


Caesarian section
Also referred to as a C-section. A procedure in which a baby, rather than being born vaginally, is surgically extracted (removed) from the uterus.

Caesarian section, lower segment
A Caesarian section in which the surgical incision is made in the lower segment of the uterus. Abbreviated LSCS.

Caesarian section, vaginal birth after
It was once the rule that after a C-section, the next delivery also had to be by C-section. Now vaginal delivery after Caesarian section (VBAC) is frequently feasible.

Cafe au lait spot

Cage, rib
The structure formed by the thoracic vertebrae and ribs, the sternum (breastbone), and the costal cartilages (that attach the ribs to the sternum).

Cage, thoracic

An astringent made from zinc carbonate or zinc oxide, usually used in lotion form to treat skin problems that cause itching or discomfort.

Calcaneal spur
A bony spur projecting from the back or underside of the heel bone (the calcaneus) that often makes walking painful. A calcaneal spur is also called a heel spur.

Calcaneocuboid joint
The calcaneocuboid joint is located in the foot between the calcaneus bone (the heel bone) and the cuboid bone (a bone shaped like a cube just in front of the calcaneus).

The calcaneus is the heel bone. It is also called the os calcis. The calcaneus is a more or less rectangular bone at the back of the foot.

Calcific bursitis
A bursa is a thin fluid-filled sac that reduces friction forces between tissues of the body. Chronic (repeated of long-standing) inflammation of the bursa (bursitis) can lead to calcification of the bursa. This is referred to as "calcific bursitis." The calcium deposition (calcification) can occur as long as the inflammation is present.

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