Cafe Wall illusion
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  Cafe Wall illusion

Cafe Wall illusion

    Although the lines composing the image are parallel, they do not appear to be.


Cafe au lait spot

Cafe au lait spots
Irregularly shaped, permanent tan or light brown flat birthmark patches. More than a few large spots may indicate neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder, so if your baby has them, tell his doctor.

A medication used in the prevention of vascular headaches, e.g. migraines. It is based in ergotamine tartrate and caffeine.


Caused by a viral infection in the area of a child's vocal cords, croup ischaracterized by its primary symptom -- a tight, dry, harsh cough. Croupgenerally lasts for five or six days and affects children under 3.

The appearance of a baby's head at the vaginal opening during labor.

Technique using liquid nitrogen, for example, to freeze warts and precancerous lesions.

Custodial parent
The parent who has legal custody (charge and control) of a child.

Cytomegalovirus infection
A common viral infection transmitted by saliva, breast milk, or urine.Relatively rare and relatively mild, the infection does occasionally causedeafness and neurological problems in newborns.

Cafe Wall illusion

Calcarine sulcus
Location of V1 in the human occipital lobe. The central visual field is represented in hte psoterior calcarine sulcus. The peripheral visual field is represented in the anterior portion of the calcarine sulus.

Canonical viewpoint
A particular viewpoint of an object that people are more likely to imagine, quicker to name and more likely to classify as the best view of an object. Suggests that object representation may not be viewpoint independent.

A type of spatial receptive field structure in which the central region of the receptive field and the Surround portion influence cell activities in different ways e.g. ON-center, OFF-Surround

Chromatic adaptation technique
Used to identify receptor inputs. An adapting light is chosen such that it affects the response to one of the inputs to a cell far more than the other. The cells response is selectively desensitized so that the cell is largely driven by the other input. This way the response properties of the cell can now be studied in relative isolation.

The optics of the eye are such that short wavelengths are refracted slightly more than long wavelengths creating a positional disparity on the retina. When viewed by two eyes a stereoscopic disparity is obtained. This is termed Chromostereopsis or Chromatic Stereopsis

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