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   Using both eyes at the same time. Binocular vision is the most important element of depth perception.


Using both eyes at the same time. Binocular vision is the most important element of depth perception.

The sense of sight.


Binocular diplopia
See: Diplopia, binocular.

Binocular disparity
The difference in position of two retinal images of an object that do not fall on exactly corresponding retinal positions.

Binocular field
A receptive field which responds to a cells optimal stimulus if it is presented to either eye.

Binocular overlap
The segment of the optic array sampled by both eyes.

Binocular rivalry
Occurs when the two eyes are presented with different stimuli. Instead of seeing a summation of the two images, our perception switches from one image to the other.

Binocular vision
Vision performed with two eyes/sensors whose outputs are often used to extract relative stereoscopic depth.

Binocular zone
The central region of the visual field from which light enter both eyes.

The ability to focus upon an object with both eyes and create a single stereoscopic image. Binocularity requires highly convergent orbits. The evolutionary increases among primates in the degree of orbital convergence have been noted to correlate with the expansion of visual brain structures and, as a consequence, with the overall size of the brain. It is therefore thought that the evolution of brain size in primates was associated with visual specialization.

Binoptic stimulation
When the same image is presented to each eye.


Benign familial tremor
An inherited disorder that causes a slow tremor in the hands, head and voice. It may affect only one side of the body, be worse when moving than when resting and worsen with age.

A deficiency disease caused by dietary insufficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine). Symptoms include general weakness and painful rigidity.

A muscle having two heads. The most familiar is the large muscle in the front of the upper arm responsible for flexing the forearm.

A tooth named for the two-pointed projections on the crown.

Eyeglasses with divided lenses. The two parts of each lens have different strengths, allowing the wearer to focus the eye for either near or distant vision.


Bipolar affective disorder
A psychiatric disorder in which the affected person has both depressed and happy, energetic (manic) episodes. This is a newer term for manic-depressive disorder.

1. Short-term loss of vision and consciousness. 2. In an alcoholic person, loss of memory for a period of time.

Plastic surgery on the eyelid.

Buildup of watery or bloody fluid under the skin.

Blood poisoning
Infection within the circulatory system. A potentially life-threatening condition that requires prompt treatment.

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