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  Binding problem

Binding problem

    If color, form, and motion are processed in separate areas of the brain, how/where is this information reassembled to create a single unified percept. (e.g. a purple box moving to the left).


"That part of the central nervous system that is located within the cranium (skull). The brain functions as the primary receiver, organizer and distributor of information for the body. It has two (right and left) halves called ""hemispheres."" "


Binding proteins
Proteins that bind to water-soluble hormones, such as sex hormones, cortisol, and thyroid; or certain water-soluble proteins, such as insulin-like growth factor to maintain stable circulating levels of the hormone in the bloodstream.


Bence-Jones protein
Dimers of immunoglobulin light chains in the urine of patients with multiple myeloma

The ratio of the spatial frequencies at which half the maximum contrast sensitivity is obtained.

Barber pole illusion
The direction of motion of a diagonal grating pattern drifting behind a rectangular aperture depends upon the elongation of the aperture. The prevailing explanation is that the perceived direction of motion results from the integration of motion signals from grating terminators at the edges of the aperture. As a vertically elongated aperture has larger number of terminators with vertical trajectories, vertical motion prevails.

Benussi ring illusion
The addition of an intervening line can chance the perceived lightness of the two sides of a ring with uniform luminance.

Binding problem

Binocular disparity
The difference in position of two retinal images of an object that do not fall on exactly corresponding retinal positions.

Binocular vision
Vision performed with two eyes/sensors whose outputs are often used to extract relative stereoscopic depth.

Binocular field
A receptive field which responds to a cells optimal stimulus if it is presented to either eye.

Binocular overlap
The segment of the optic array sampled by both eyes.

Binocular rivalry
Occurs when the two eyes are presented with different stimuli. Instead of seeing a summation of the two images, our perception switches from one image to the other.

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