Bilateral pneumonia
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  Bilateral pneumonia

Bilateral pneumonia

   See: Pneumonia, bilateral.


Acute inflammation or infection of the lungs.

Affecting both sides.


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Affecting both sides.


Cleft (split) in two. See, for example, bifid uvula.

Bifid uvula
The uvula, the little V-shaped fleshy mass hanging from the back of the soft palate, is cleft or split. Cleft uvula is a common minor anomaly occurring in about 1% of whites and 10% of Native Americans. Persons with a cleft uvula should not have their adenoids removed because, without the adenoids, they cannot achieve proper closure between the soft palate and pharynx while speaking and develop hypernasal speech.

Big bone disease
See: Kashin-Beck disease.

Big toe sign
An important neurologic examination based upon what the big toe (and other toes) do when the sole of the foot is stimulated. If the big toe goes up, that may mean trouble.

Body integrity identity disorder.

Bilateral pneumonia

Bile acid
An acid made by the liver that works with bile to break down fats. On a more technical level, bile acids are steroid carboxylic acids derived from cholesterol. The primary bile acids are cholic and chenodeoxycholic acids. They are conjugated with glycine or taurine before they are secreted into the bile.

Bile acid resin
Bile acid resins are substances that bind in the intestines with bile acids that contain cholesterol and are then eliminated in the stool. The major effect of bile acid resins is to lower LDL-cholesterol by about 10 to 20 percent. Small doses of resins can produce useful reductions in LDL-cholesterol. Bile acid resins are sometimes prescribed with a statin for patients with heart disease to increase cholesterol reduction. When these two drugs are combined, their effects are added together to lower LDL-cholesterol by over 40 percent.

Bile duct cancer
An uncommon type of cancer that arises from the bile duct, the tube that connects the liver and the gallbladder to the small intestine.

Bile sludge
An uncommon type of cancer that arises from the bile duct, the tube that connects the liver and the gallbladder to the small intestine.

Disease caused by worms that parasitize people. Also called schistosomiasis. Three main species of these trematode worms (flukes)--Schistosoma haematobium, S. japonicum, and S. mansoni - cause disease in humans. Larval forms of the parasite live in freshwater snails. The cercaria (form of the parasite) is liberated from the snail burrow into skin, transforms to the schistosomulum stage, and migrates to the urinary tract (S. haematobium), liver or intestine (S. japonicum, S.mansoni) where the adult worms develop. Eggs are shed into the urinary tract or the intestine and hatch to form miracidia (yet another form of the parasite) which then infect snails, completing the life cycle of the parasite.. Adult schistosome worms can seriously damage tissue. The name bilharzia comes from that of the short-lived German physician Theodor Bilharz (1825-1862).

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