Bag of waters
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  Bag of waters

Bag of waters

    Sac filled with amniotic fluid in which the fetus grows, which may rupture naturally as labor begins or be punctured to speed up labor.


The stage of human development from 10 weeks' gestation until birth.

A break or tear in any organ or soft tissue.

The process of childbirth, in which the rhythmic contractions of the uterine muscles open the cervix and allow a baby to be born.



The fluid-filled cavity within the blastula.

Blastocyst cavity
The fluid-filled cavity within the blastocyst, sometimes referred to as the blastocoel.

A cell from a morula-stage embryo.

Term (often used in lower vertebrates) to describe an early stage in the development of an embryo consisting of a hollow sphere of cells enclosing a fluid-filled cavity called the blastocoel. The term blastula sometimes is used interchangeably with blastocyst.

Baby blues
Mild depression that may last a couple of weeks following childbirth, usually the result of dramatic hormonal swings and the letdown after the excitement of labor and birth. See postpartum depression.

Bag of waters

Birth canal
The passageway - made up of the cervix, vagina, and vulva - the baby travels through during birth.

Birthing room
A place designed and equipped for women giving birth. Some are in hospitals, others are totally separate facilities.

Bloody show
The discharge - often mucus tinged with blood - that appears as labor approaches. Sometimes refers to light bleeding, other times is used to mean the mucus plug that dislodges when the cervix begins to efface and/or dilate.

Breast pump
A device to extract milk from a mother's breasts so she can feed her infant later with a bottle. Pumps range from inexpensive manual models to powerful industrial-strength machines that can pump both breasts at the same time within a few minutes.

Breech position
When the baby's bottom or feet - rather than the head - face the mother's cervix as labor nears. Three to four percent of full-term babies are positioned this way.

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