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    A threadlike structure on which impulses are transmitted away from the main body of a nerve cell.


Tissue that conveys sensation, temperature, position information to the brain.

Fundamental structural unit of all life. The cell consists primarily of an outer plasma membrane, which separates it from the environment; the genetic material (DNA), which encodes heritable information for the maintainance of life; and the cytoplasm, a heterogeneous assemblage of ions, molecules, and fluid.



Autoerotic death
Death from self-strangulatory asphyxia or electrical self-stimulation as part of a paraphilic masturbatory ritual. Release of the asphyxiating noose or reduction of the electrical current requires split-second timing at the critical moment, before blacking out. The autoerotic ritual may be repeated for years before the occasion when the critical moment is miscalculated and death ensues.

A paraphilia of the stigmatic/eligibilic type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and contingent on impersonating a baby in diapers and being treated as one by the partner. Autonepiophilia may be adjunctive to masochistic discipline and humiliation. The reciprocal paraphilic condition, namely having an infant as sexuoerotic partner, is nepiophilia.

Autonomic nervous system
Pertaining to that part of the nervous system that regulates usually "involuntary" reactions, especially those concerned with nutritive, vascular, glandular, and reproductive organs. These ganglia and nerves traverse the body in large part parallel to and outside the vertebral column, which encases the spinal cord (sympathetic or lumbosacral portion) and through fibers emerging with the cranial nerves and pituitary gland, and lower segments of the spinal cord (parasympathetic or craniosacral portion).

The condition in which love and lust are not attached to a partner but to the self

Characterized by self-sex contact, usually as a genital act (masturbation), with or without an accompanying erotic fantasy or ritual; or, rarely, as a long-term sexuoerotic status without a partner.


Absence of sperm in the semen, with resultant infertility.

Apoplexy better known as a stroke, means a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain.

Adjuvant therapy
Cancer treatment that involves surgery followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation to decrease the risk of the cancer recurring.

Attending physician
The doctor who is primarily responsible for a patient's care.

Action tremor
A tremor that increases when the hand is moving voluntarily.

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