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    The highest spatial frequency rsolvable with a grating of unity contrast (i.e. the maximum possibly contrast).


"Short for ""contrast media."" Contrast media are X-ray dyes used to provide contrast, for example, between blood vessels and other tissue."


Acuities, Visual
Acuteness or clearness of vision, especially of form vision, which is dependent mainly on the sharpness of the retinal focus.

Acuity, auditory
"The clarity or clearness of hearing, a measure of how well a person hears and monitoring the ability to hear. The word ""acuity"" comes from the Latin ""acuitas"" = sharpness."

Acuity, visual
"The clarity or clearness of the vision, a measure of how well a person sees. The ability to distinguish details and shapes of objects; also called central vision. The word ""acuity"" comes from the Latin ""acuitas"" = sharpness."

Acuity, Visual
Acuteness or clearness of vision, especially of form vision, which is dependent mainly on the sharpness of the retinal focus.


Au pair
A foreign national who lives with an American family for up to a year, and in exchange for room, board, and a small stipend, helps with childcare and housework. She may or may not have any previous experience caring for children, unlike nannies, who usually do.

Absorption spectrum
The relationship between the wavelength of light striking a pigment and how strongly the light is absorbed.

Accessory oculomotor nucleus
Receives input from the pretectal area, innervates the ciliary ganglion. Mediates pupillary light reflexes.

Accessory optic system (AOS)
Region of the vertebrate midbrain to which some optic nerve fibers project. Cells respond to large slowly moving textured patterns and are selective for both direction and speed of motion suggesting they are involved in the computation of global motion. Possibly used for the detection of retinal slip and used in image stabilization. Consists of two sets of retina ganglion cell fibers and three target nuclei in the anterior portion of the midbrain, the dorsal, medial and lateral nuclei.

Accidental view
A special view of an object in which small perturbations in lighting or viewing direction drastically change its appearance. For example, imagine looking at a pencil straight on from the tip. (As opposed to Generic View).


Action potential
A photoreceptor's relative spectral sensitivity.

Action spectra
A photoreceptor's relative spectral sensitivity.

A change in the sensitivity to light of a photoreceptor or the visual system as a whole to match the average light intensity present.

Heading towards. A system's afferent signals are those entering the system from elsewhere. (As opposed to Efferent)

A possibility for action afforded to a perceiver by an object. The affordances of an object depend upon the perceiver as well as upon the characteristics of the object. For example, a stream affords such actions as jumping and paddling to a person, but to an frog it affords swimming.

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