Abelson murine leukemia virus
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  Abelson murine leukemia virus

Abelson murine leukemia virus

   A replication-defective strain of Murine leukemia virus (LEUKEMIA VIRUS, MURINE) capable of transforming lymphoid cells and producing a rapidly progressing lymphoid leukemia after superinfection with FRIEND, MALONEY, or RAUSCHER MURINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS.


A partial or complete tear of a muscle or tendon.

Cancer of white blood cells. Acute leukemias are characterized by the presence of "blasts," which are immature white blood cells. Large quantities of blasts generally overgrow the bone marrow, leaving very little space for normal bone marrow cells. This type generally requires immediate treatment. Chronic leukemias are those characterized by a large and uncontrolled growth of more mature white blood cells. These types of leukemias tend not to progress as rapidly, and treatment is often milder than that of acute leukemias.

Ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts; many are pathogenic; a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein.

Sudden growth of a different type of bacteria than the type originally diagnosed and treated. This is a common cause of treatment failure because the new type of bacteria is often resistant to first-line antibiotics.

The reciprocal interaction of two or more persons.


Abelcet is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) legal in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): amphotericin b.

Abelmoschus esculentus
A plant genus of the family MALVACEAE, order Malvales, subclass Dilleniidae best known for okra.


Abducens Nerve
The 6th cranial nerve. The abducens nerve originates in the abducens nucleus of the pons and sends motor fibers to the lateral rectus muscles of the eye. Damage to the nerve or its nucleus disrupts horizontal eye movement control.

Abdominal Typhus
An acute systemic febrile infection caused by SALMONELLA TYPHI.

Abdominal Radiography
Radiographic visualization of the body between the thorax and the pelvis, i.e., within the peritoneal cavity.

Abdominal Pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy with development of the fetus in the abdominal cavity. (Dorland, 27th ed)

Aberrant Tissue
A mass of histologically normal tissue present in an abnormal location.

Abelson murine leukemia virus

Abelmoschus esculentus
A plant genus of the family MALVACEAE, order Malvales, subclass Dilleniidae best known for okra.

The ability to acquire general or special types of knowledge or skill.

Abilities, Urine Concentrating
The ability of the kidney to excrete in the urine high concentrations of solutes from the blood plasma.

A plant genus in the family PINACEAE, order Pinales, class Pinopsida, division Coniferophyta.

ABH Blood Groups
The major human blood type system which depends on the presence or absence of two antigens A and B. Type O occurs when neither A nor B is present and AB when both are present. A and B are genetic factors that determine the presence of enzymes for the synthesis of certain glycoproteins mainly in the red cell membrane.

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