A.O.S. Onkoloji Hastanesi
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  A.O.S. Onkoloji Hastanesi

A.O.S. Onkoloji Hastanesi

   The A.O.S. Onkoloji Hastanesi is a hospital in Bursa, Turkey.


Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.

A fluid-filled sac. They are found between tissue planes where shearing forces may act - e.g. at the knee and elbow. They are lined by synovium and contain synovial fluid - like the joint. Bursitis occurs when they are inflamed.


A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital
A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Oneonta, New York (USA).


Ankara Mevki Asker Hastanesi
The Ankara Mevki Asker Hastanesi is a hospital in Ankara, Turkey.

Alkan Hastanesi
The Alkan Hastanesi is a hospital in Ankara, Turkey.

Ankara 29 Mayis Hastanesi
The Ankara 29 Mayis Hastanesi is a hospital in Dikmen, Ankara, Turkey.

Ankara Tip Merkezi
The Ankara Tip Merkezi is a hospital in Kavaklidere, Ankara, Turkey.

Ayvalik Devlet Hastanesi
The Ayvalik Devlet Hastanesi is a hospital in Balikesir, Turkey.

A.O.S. Onkoloji Hastanesi

Academic Hospital
The Academic Hospital is a hospital in Altunizade, Istanbul, Turkey.

Acibadem Hastanesi
The Acibadem Hastanesi is a hospital in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey.

Akca Hastanesi
The Akca Hastanesi is a hospital in FEatih, Istanbul, Turkey.

Aksaray Vatan Hastanesi
The Aksaray Vatan Hastanesi is a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Aksoy Hastanesi
The Aksoy Hastanesi is a hospital in Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey.

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